Louis Heit MFT, LCSW


I offer individual, couples, and family therapies, for adults and teens, to treat a variety of problems and issues, including:

Substance Use and Behavioral Addictions
Trauma Recovery
Pain Management
Depression, Anxiety, and Mood Disorders
Grief and Loss
Anger and Impulse Control problems
Stress Management

You can expect to have your problems handled professionally, with care, concern, and respect.  I take your problems seriously, and engage you as a partner in collaboratively resolving your difficulties so that you can lead a more effective, satisfying, and fulfilling life.  In addition to accepting cash, checks, and credit cards (including VISA, MasterCard, and American Express) for therapy services, I also accept a number of EAP (Employment Assistance Program) carriers, and private healthcare providers (including Aetna, Blue Shield, TriCare, MediCare, MHN, Anthem Blue Cross, and most PPOs).  Please call me at (760) 613-9136 for more information about working with your insurance or employer assistance plan. 

I also offer online (telehealth) services, enabling you to have your sessions from home, from your office, or anywhere else you have access to your device and a wifi signal.  My online/virtual sessions are private, secure, and convenient.  You can click here to access my virtual office, either at: https://doxy.me/louisheitmftlcsw  or https://sessions.psychologytoday.com/louis-heit

Counseling and psychotherapy are processes that allow you the freedom and privacy to discuss issues that are often painful or difficult to discuss with family and/or friends.  The following are a few ideas to help make your therapy experience more effective:

    1.  During your therapy sessions, you may feel nervous, apprehensive, or anxious.  This is very normal, and to be expected.
    2.  Before each of your sessions, write down any questions, topics, concerns, or issues that you would like to work on.
         This will help you stay focused and less likely to forget something important.
    3.  Communicate your expectations to me so that we are working together toward your goals.
    4.  Provide me with ongoing feedback, so that I know how you are doing, and whether you think we are on track in addressing your needs.
    5. Please be aware that, for online/virtual sessions, even though I use the latest technology to insure your privacy, no electronic communication can be completely guaranteed.  However, I've been providing online/virtual sessions now for several years, and have not had one complaint or issue with privacy and security.
    6.  For online/virtual sessions, please let me know if there's anyone else in the room with you, and please no recording of      sessions. 
    7.  If you feel the need to bring in a partner, relative, or friend with you for your session, in order to work on interpersonal               issues, please discuss this with me prior to inviting him/her/them to our next session.
    8.  If you have another professional involved in your care (for example, a physician, psychiatrist, attorney, or another
         psychotherapist), I need to know this, so that I can discuss with you whether to coordinate your care with him/her, 
         and to insure that your treatment with me will not conflict with care you receive from another provider. 
    9.  Make a commitment to yourself to remain in therapy and to attend regular sessions.  Therapy often involves strong 
         emotions that at times can seem overwhelming and scary, and can often lead you to consider 
         prematurely ending therapy or missing one or more sessions. Be aware that, if you wait until you have a crisis, 
         it will be more difficult to resolve the crisis than if you work on problems proactively. Likewise, let me know 
         immediately if you ever feel the need to increase or decrease the frequency of your sessions, or to suspend or 
         end therapy. 

Call me today at (760) 613-9136 to make an appointment.
Louis Heit MFT, LCSW
2945 Harding St., #110 Carlsbad, CA 92008 US
Phone: 760-613-9136 Website: http://louisheit.com/
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