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So often, people encounter complicated and seemingly irresolvable problems, become stuck emotionally, and find themselves in conflict with those they care about.  Recent events have only served to add to the stress and difficulty many face today.  And just as often, people are unable to find real, effective, and lasting solutions to these dilemmas.  At these times, the help of a professional can lead to the answers that are so desperately needed.

I've been providing psychotherapy and counseling for over thirty years, treating a wide variety of these emotional problems and disorders.  My work has taken me through hospitals, residential treatment facilities, outpatient and community clinics, and day treatment programs, and throughout these experiences I have found that the great majority of people have an ongoing, innate desire to heal themselves, to overcome their personal obstacles, and to make improvements in their lives.  This has been true regardless of how difficult their problems are.

It is this basic human drive that forms the basis of much of the therapy work that I do.  Through the application of specific clinical therapies and methods, I help my patients revise the assumptions and beliefs that underlie their decisions, change the expectations they have of themselves and of their relationships, and help them to take advantage of the choices that are always available to them. 

I offer services in-person at my office in Carlsbad Village.  I also offer online/virtual (telehealth) at https://doxy.me/louisheitmftlcsw
Please call me at (760) 613-9136, and make an appointment to begin making the changes you need towards a happier, satisfying, and fulfilling life. 
Louis Heit MFT, LCSW
CA Licensed Clinical Social Worker, #LCS 16404
CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #MFC 27844

2945 Harding St., #110
Carlsbad, CA  92008
(760) 613-9136

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